Welcome to nooga Wing & Craft Beer Week, We are excited for week full of amazing Wings & Craft Beer. Restaurants Interested in Partnering with us can Sign Up Below.

Partnering Restaurants Agree to:

• Provide a Featured $6 Wing Item All Week (#, Flavor, Style, All Up to you) 
• Provide a featured $5 Craft Beer Special All Week Long (Local is Preferred) 
• We will be tracking customers visits as well as having them vote on their favorite at the end of the week. 
• $150 Participation Fee (Due By August 19th) 
• Provide 2 $25 Gift Cards, to be used as giveaways for our passport program, Rewarding customers for patronizing businesses during the week. (Due By AUGUST 19TH)
• Allow Use of Logos & Images from the Restaurants for Promotion Purposes
• To Complete a Post Week Survey within one week of the completion date. Including keeping track of the # of wing & beer items sold.



Partner Fee Payment Below

Nooga Wing & Craft Beer Week Partnership